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 2020 ShowCars Melbourne, Litre8 at Moonee Valley Racecourse.

 2013 Muscle Car Expo, Litre8 back at the old Exhibition Buildings.

 2011 MotorEx Show, Litre8 on the Street Machine Magazine stand.

 2010 McHappy Day at Blacktown McDonalds - November: The late afternoon weather change held off until after the event wound up at about 3pm. About 40 Toranas were present at a very enjoyable event. Check out the Sydney Torana Club site for more pics.

  ToranaFest - September 2010

  ToranaFest - September 2009

  ToranaFest - September 2008 - pics by Rob.

  ACT All Holden Day - September 2007.

  Meguiars MotorEx Show - July 2007.

  Xtreme Holdens Magazine studio photo shoot (July 2007 edition).

  Toranafest 2005 - Great venue and great weather, a well organised and attended show.

 2004 McHappy Day at McGraths Hill McDonalds, the very suspect weather held off apart from a very brief, light shower about 8:45am. About 45 Toranas were present at a very enjoyable event. Check the Sydney Torana Club site for more pics.

  Torana Nationals 2004 - Sunday display on the skidpan

  Toranafest 2003 - Here's proof that the car does get wet!!! Its wearing the injection trumpets in lieu of the normal air filter assemblies. (Pic by G&L)

Toranafest 2003 - The morning sunshine deserted us for a while and we did get a few light passing showers, didn't seem to deter the passing parade of people though.(pic by G&L)

Toranafest 2003 - One of the next steps is to get new injection trumpets that bend to run parallel to the rocker covers and then outfit these with air filter sox. The bonnet won't close with the set-up below as the front two trumpets foul the bonnet bracing.(pic by G&L)

  Toranafest 2003 - The co-owners hard at work at the end of the day (well, about 3:30pm anyway). One does seem to be doing more work than the other! (pic by G&L)

Toranafest 2003 - On the road to Newcastle on the Sunday morning (Pic by Grant P)

 Shots from indoor show at Darling Harbour, Darryl Macbeth's Blue FJ (first generation build of this car) in background

 Shot from indoor car show at Exhibition Buildings, showing the braided dry sump scavenge lines and the front mounted sway bar with drop link. The floor mirrors don't really help much here. Not easily visible (okay, almost impossible) is the A9X brake duct under the sway bar mounting bracket.

 Shot from indoor show at Exhibition Buildings showing rear suspension, Harrop Aluminium Diff centre (reflection) and Brown Davis aluminium tank. Also visible is the notched panel on leading edge of rear guard.

 Shot of one of the more humorous show banners used by the late TSMCV club at the Exhibition Buildings.

 The SummerNats Saturday Show and Shine in 1987/88. This shows the old turbo 6 as well as the old brakes (121/2" rotors with small AP-Lockheed 4 piston calipers [ex-HDT] with the Harrop modified end plates to minimise pad taper). The rear shot shows the 16"x9" B45 Simmons wearing Yokohama A008's

 The Torana Street Machine Club of Vic club display at the 1989 Victorian Street Machine Show, Exhibition Buildings

 The Torana Street Machine Club of Vic club display at the 1988 Victorian Hot Rod Show, Exhibition Buildings

 SummerNats, 1986 on the oval at the Saturday Show&Shine

 Adelaide Street Machine Show, 1988

 Custom Car Promotions Burwood Show, 1988 at the RVIB

 Replica HDT 1978-79 jackets organised by the ex-president of the now defunct Torana Street Machine Club of Victoria, a brilliant reproduction! I got mine signed by Harry Firth at the 2004 Torana Nationals

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